Duke Herbarium researchers are offering following workshops in 2023: 

Feb 7 - 21: Eagle Hill Institute – 10-hour on-line course: “Ecology and Evolution of Peatmosses” (J. Shaw)
Mar 14: Duke Gardens with Duke Herbarium: Mosses of Duke Gardens (B. Aguero)
Mar 25: Duke Gardens with Duke Herbarium: Botany Spotlight: Lichen (S. LaGreca)
Mar 31: Duke Gardens with Duke Herbarium: Mosses of Duke Forest (B. Aguero)
Apr 29: Oak Spring Garden Foundation with Duke Herbarium & Field Museum: Unveiling Miniature Forests: The Microscopic World Of Bryophytes & Lichens! (B. Aguero)
Jun 25 – Jul 1: Eagle Hill Institute – 6-day field course: “Ecology and Identification of Peatmosses” (J. Shaw)
New York State Flora Association – peatmoss workshop currently in prep (J. Shaw)

There are no upcoming events at this time.