Visiting the Duke Herbarium

Herbarium hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Arrangements may be made to use the collections outside regular hours upon consultation with the staff.

Vending machines are located in the second floor hallway of the Biological Sciences building. Food services are located in the Bryan Center and the Levine Science Research Center.

Driving Directions:

Coming from Raleigh: Take I-40W to NC 147 (Durham Freeway). Take the Hillandale exit, and turn left at the end of the off-ramp. Go all the way down Hillandale to Erwin Rd. Turn right on Erwin Rd., go through two lights and turn left at the third light (Towerview/Morreene). Go down Towerview and turn left at the first light (Science Drive) The BioSci building is just past the camel statue, across from the parking garage. To enter the garage, continue to the entrance of the Bryan Center parking lot and enter from there.

Coming from Chapel Hill: Take US 15/501 to the Rt. 751 exit. Turn left at the end of the off-ramp and continue north, through several lights, to the light for the Washington Duke Inn on the left and Science Drive on the right. Turn on Science Drive, go through the next light and continue down the hill... (same as above).

Parking: There is no guest parking at the Biological Sciences Building. However, there is a parking garage across from the building which is open to public (for which there is a $2 per hour charge). For less expensive alternatives please see the DUKE parking website.

Location of the collections:

The angiosperms are located in the Duke Phytotron. Gymnosperms, lycophytes, and ferns are in room 265B in the Biological Sciences Building.

The algal, bryophyte, lichen and fungal collections are also located in the Biological Sciences Building in rooms 373A and 265B.

Resources for visitors:

Herbarium staff can provide visitors with specimen study space, temporary specimen storage, dissecting microscopes and associated equipment, annotation labels, and access to the references of the Duke Herbarium Library. For more specialized needs, please make the necessary arrangements with herbarium staff in advance of your visit.

For instructions on specimen handling and use, see Policies and Procedures.