The Duke Fungal Herbarium was established by Duke mycologist Rytas Vilgalys in the early 1990's. The herbarium consists mainly of Basidiomycete collections with special emphasis on Agaricomycetes. Rust collections of Solheim & Cummins (Mycoflora Saximontanensis Exsiccata) are housed at Duke. Specimens of Septobasidium, collected by Dr. Daniel Henk for his dissertation research, and dissertation research vouchers of truffles (Tuber) of Dr. Greg Bonito, are accessioned in our holdings.

There are over 14,500 fungal specimens and 35 types.  All specimens have been digitized and 74% have been georeferenced.

The fungi collections are filed alphabetically.

Geographic focus: Rich in new collections from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Newfoundland and Labrador, Columbia, South Africa and the United States. Significant collections from Papua New Guinea, France, Costa Rica and China.

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