• Wake County granite flat (Mitchell Mill)
  • NC plant communities course 2004

    North Carolina plant communities course with Paul Manos near Highlands Biological Station, NC

  • looks like Tectaria to me
  • mickel mimics
  • Plant diversity course 2006

    J. Shaw's Plant Diversity 2006 class field trip to Singletary Lake, North Carolina

  • joel & ALG after gametos
  • plant pressing
  • Cycas in northern Australia

    Kelly Farrell examining a cycad during Duke in Australia 2007 study abroad program

  • Sphagnum experiment

    Ping Zhou and Matt Johnson setting up a Sphagnum experiment at Singletary Lake, NC

  • OTS 2008

    OTS 2008, Costa Rica

    Tropical Ferns & Lycophytes

  • Peatland bryophytes workshop 2010
  • Sundue in action
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Recent and Upcoming Events


Blomquist Foray

Blomquist Foray 2012 was held at Bear Run Nature Reserve and Ohiopyle State Park located in beautiful southwestern Pennsylvania. Thanks to Scott Schuette from Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program for excellent organization!

Please email Jon Shaw if you're interested in organizing the foray in upcoming years..

    • Lactarius peckii
    • Lactarius peckii
    • Photo Credit: Rytas Vilgalys
  • background