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The Duke Herbarium (DUKE) supports a broad spectrum of biological research, both within Duke, and abroad. From 2005 to 2009, for example, over 280 publications cited DUKE specimens as part of their data collection. During that period, DUKE hosted 86 visitors from other institutions, as well as providing for 76 internal (Duke University) users.

Much of the research role of the collection is fulfilled through its active loan program. From 2005 to 2009, DUKE lent over 17000 specimens to outside researchers (thus permitting scientists at other institutions to access our data) and borrowed over 32000 specimens (thus allowing DUKE-affiliated scientists access to the data from other collections).

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Herbarium Research Highlights

Results of research by undergraduate student Megan Ramaiya on reproductive isolation between morphologically cryptic species in the liverwort Frullania asagrayana, conducted in the Shaw bryological laboratory, has been published in the October issue of American Journal of Botany. Congratulations Megan!

    • AJB 2010 Frullania asagrayana
    • AJB 2010 Frullania asagrayana
    • Photo Credit: American Journal of Botany & Megan Ramaiya

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