Family Sapotaceae
Basionym Pouteria ucuqui Pires & R.E. Schult.
Original Identification Pouteria Ucuqui Pires & Schultes
Current Taxon Pouteria ucuqui Pires & R.E. Schult.
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Botanical Museum Leaflets 14: 87. 1950.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 24084
Primary Collector R. E. Schultes
Collector Number 9553
Collection Date 3-6 Jan 1942
Country Brazil
Province/State Amazonas
Plant Location Notes Upper Rio Negro, Igarape Uaba, opposite mouth of Rio Xie.
Plant Description Notes Immesnse tree, 110 ft. tall, with wide-spreading crown; large buttress roots up to 6 ft.; tree columnar, diameter 2.5-3 ft.; bark shaggy externally, dark brown, red internally, soft, 0.5-0.75 inch thick; latex sparse, white; wood of medium hardness, compact, white; flowers in extremely dense clusters, falling easily, sepals greenish, petals white, anthers brown; apparently odorless. "Ucuqui."
Broad geographical location South America
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