Family Salicaceae
Basionym Neosprucea paterna M.H. Alford
Original Identification Neosprucea sp. nov.
Current Taxon Neosprucea paterna M.H. Alford
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Systematic Botany Monographs 85: 37, 40, f. 14a-g. 2008.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 390442
Primary Collector Mac H. Alford
Collector Number 3149
Collection Date 14 May 2003
Country Guyana
Province/State Guyana
Plant Location Notes Potaro-Siparuni Region: Iwokrama Forest, old logging roads in forest just east of the junction of Surama road and the Kurupukari-Annai Road, about 80 km southwest of the Essequibo River. 04°05.487'N, 59°02.491'W. Elevation 60 m.
Plant Description Notes Tree to 20-25 m tall and 15 cm dbh in white sand forest of Eperua, palm, Rubiaceae, and Annonaceae; bark tight; leaves glossy above, soft-pubescent below, with a few glandular teeth; inflorescence a terminal raceme of multiple flowers, usually resulting in only 2-6 attached flowers; flowers 4-merous; sepals green and petals light yellow of anthesis; petals after anthesis more green or with a tinge of pink; stamens bright yellow, numerous; filamentous staminodes outside stamens, few; filament bases becoming reddish-orange after anthesis; anthers linear-elongate, basically poricidally dehiscent; filaments 3.2 mm long, anthers 6-9 mm long; style 15 mm long; ovary glabrous; style and ovary junction abrupt (like pedicel to a cherry); placentation parietal, ±7-8 placentae, seeds numerous (>50), small. Specimens at AAU, B, BH, BRG, CAY, BRIT, DUKE, FDG, K, MICH, MO, NY, P, U, and US.
Broad geographical location South America
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