Family Polypodiaceae
Basionym Polypodium X aztecum Windham
Original Identification Polypodium X aztecum Windham
Current Taxon Polypodium X aztecum Windham
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation  American Fern Journal 95: 58. 2005.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 395824
Primary Collector M. D. Windham
Collector Number 283F
Collection Date 7 Aug 1981
Country United States
Province/State Arizona
Plant Location Notes Southeast wall of Devils Chasm at a point 3.02 km. east-north-east of the summit of Aztec Peak. Sierra Ancha - Tonto National Forest. Gila County. McFadden Peak Quadragle (15 min.). Universal Transverse Mercator- 3741425 m. N by 511850 m. E (Zone 12).Growing from ledge on canyon wall ca. 5 meters south of a streambed. The locality is moderately moist and well shaded. Shallow soil derived by in situ and colluvial processess from Dripping Springs Quartzite and organiz detritus. Slope: about 20 degrees; facing north. Elevation 4500 feet.
Plant Description Notes Single large population (clonal) covering a 10 x 5 meter area. Associated genera: Celtis, Clematis, Morus, Philadelphus, Galium and Opuntia. Community: Riparian Woodland.Sterile, putative hybrid between P. hesperium and an unidentified Polypodium of Mexican origin.
Broad geographical location North America
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