Family Poaceae
Basionym Zea diploperennis H.H. Iltis, Doebley & R. Guzmán
Original Identification Zea diploperennis Iltis, Doebley & Guzman sp. nov.
Current Taxon Zea diploperennis H.H. Iltis, Doebley & R. Guzmán
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Science 203: 186. 1979.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 273917
Primary Collector H. H. Iltis
Collector Number 450
Collection Date 22 Sep 1978
Country Mexico
Province/State Jalisco
Plant Location Notes 20 km due S of El Chante, 7 km ENE of El Durazno (Municipio de Cuautitlan). Many colonies forming large population 1 km long, mostly in tall grass and herbs (Dahlia coccinea, Thalictrum, etc.), sometimes on edge of (but not in) nearby small maize fields. Agricultural land on former open Pinus sp. Quercus (elliptica?) Carpinus caroliniana forest, on E-facing slopes of Cerro San Miguel (a part of Sierra de Manatlan) just below (N of) saddle at La Ventana (104°13', 19°31' 45") just E of an indian hut surrounded by 5 gigantic Yucca (elephantipes?). Alt. 2300 m.
Plant Description Notes The plants 1.5-2.5 m tall with 1-10 stems from one root system, the rhizomes at most from 3-15 cm long between each year, the short tuberous offshoots now very thick, 1 cm x 3 cm, one to several coming out of the base of this years culms; previous year's culms still visible as 1-3 cm. long stumps. (F1 hybrids with maize occur!)
Broad geographical location North America
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