Family Poaceae
Basionym Paspalum kempffii Killeen
Original Identification Paspalum kempffii Killeen
Current Taxon Paspalum kempffii Killeen
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 77(1): 179, f. 5. 1990.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 333264
Primary Collector Tim Killeen
Collector Number 2272
Collection Date 3 Jan 1987
Country Bolivia
Province/State Santa Cruz
Plant Location Notes Nuflo de Chavez, Est. La Pachanga, 5km S of Concepcion (16008'S; 62005'W) 500m. Eroded tertiary planation surface overlying precambrian shield; mosaic of semideciduous forest, wooded savanna and savanna wetland.
Plant Description Notes Ceaspitose perennial; innovations extra-vaginal (or from short stout rhizome); foliage mostly basal; sheaths slightly equitant; blands flat or folded, stiflly ascending, glaucous on abaxial surface; very palatalbe. Occasional, forming distinct populations, here found in gravel soil above laterite outcrops with Trachypogon sp. Voucher: chromosome #2n=about 30; meiosis abnormal, with I, II and III.
Broad geographical location South America
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