Family Melastomaceae
Basionym Monochaetum trichophyllum Almeda
Original Identification n/a
Current Taxon Monochaetum trichophyllum Almeda
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation University of California Publications in Botany 75: 104, f. 29. 1978. 
Holotype/Isotype Holotype and Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 243054
Primary Collector Frank Almeda
Collector Number 1533
Collection Date 28 May 1972
Country Panama
Province/State Chiriqui
Plant Location Notes Disturbed sites and pasturelands along cloud forest slopes ca. 1-2 km. north of Las Nubes and west of the Cerro Punta mt. peak. Approx. 5 km. NW of the town of Cerro Punta. Elev. ca. 2000-2200 m.
Plant Description Notes Sprawling subshrub over felled logs and boulders in areas of secondary vegetation with Leandra melanodesma. Often growing on rotting logs or on humus cover over boulders. Corolla pink. Antepetalous anthers pinkish-orange, antesepalous ones and all appendages yellow. Sepals widely spreading and reflexed. Trichomes at the summit of the ovary glandular.
Broad geographical location Central America
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