Family Marantaceae
Basionym Calathea robiniae H. Kenn.
Original Identification Calathea robinae H. Kennedy sp. nov.
Current Taxon Calathea robiniae H. Kenn.
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 60(2): 419-421, f. 3. 1973.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 243201
Primary Collector Helen Kennedy
Collector Number 1379
Collection Date 26 Feb 1972
Country Costa Rica
Province/State Limon
Plant Location Notes Old forest, ca. 2 mi. from La Lola on the road to Siquirres, near stream bed.
Plant Description Notes Herb to 0.5 m. Leaf green above, pale grey-green below. Pulvinus yellow-green, petiole and sheath mottled green and light green or purple and light green. Inflorescence bracts herbaceous, similar to leaf. Ovary white. Sepals white at base, green above, corolla tube, petals, staminodes and style yellow. Capsule fleshy, green.
Broad geographical location Central America
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