Family Heliconiaceae
Basionym Heliconia stilesii W. J. Kress
Original Identification Heliconia curtispatha
Current Taxon Heliconia stilesii W. J. Kress
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Brenesia 19-20: 202-204, f. 1. 1982.
Holotype/Isotype Holotype (3 sheets)
DUKE Accession Number 272821
Primary Collector W. John Kress
Collector Number 79-1096A
Collection Date 8 Jun 1979
Country Costa Rica
Province/State Puntarenas
Plant Location Notes Slopes above airport at Golfito, elev. 50'. On late secondary growth on hillside. Plant 5-6 m tall, musoid; petiole 195 cm, blade 210 cm long by 45 cm; upper surface dark green, light green midrib, lower green with yellow-maroon midrib.
Plant Description Notes Inflorescence pendulous, 66 cm long. Peduncle pinkish red (rose), with rusty scurf. Rachis straight, pink-red. Branch bract distichous. 8.5 cm with involute margin, dull pink inside, with rusty pubescence, rosy red and minutely pubscent outside. Floral bract pale yellow, with pink tint; free sepal below. Perianth deep yellow distally, pale yellow at base, glabrous. Ovary white, pedicel pale yellow.
Broad geographical location Central America
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