Family Heliconiaceae
Basionym Heliconia lindsayana W. J. Kress
Original Identification n/a
Current Taxon Heliconia lindsayana W. J. Kress
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Selbyana 9: 158-161, f. 3. 1986.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype (2 sheets)
DUKE Accession Number 290775
Primary Collector W. John Kress
Collector Number 76-650
Collection Date 3 Aug 1976
Country Panama
Province/State Cocle
Plant Location Notes El Valle de Rio Anton, at the base of the hills beyond the city, altitude 800-900 m. Common in wet forest along road.
Plant Description Notes Plant to 2.5 m, musoid. Leaves: blade to .85 m; velvety dark green above, white waxy below. Midrib maroon below. Petiole dark maroon entire length. Inflorescences upright, bracts rotate. Peduncle dark maroon, glabrous. Rachis yellow and pink, glabrous. Branch bracts: basal sometime leaflike, fertile. Upper bracts solid pink, glabrous. Flowers: floral bracts whitish-green, transparent, glabrous; perianth yellow, glabrous; ovary greenish white, glabrous; pedicel white, glabrous.
Broad geographical location Central America
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