Family Fabaceae
Basionym Mimosa radula Benth. var. radulina Barneby
Original Identification n/a
Current Taxon Mimosa radula Benth. var. radulina Barneby
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 65: 673-674. 1991.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 309469
Primary Collector H. S. Irwin
Collector Number 34153
Collection Date 15 Jan 1972
Country Brazil
Province/State Goias
Plant Location Notes Serra dos Pireneus
Plant Description Notes Ascending or erect subshrub, simple below inflorescence, to ca. 2m tall. Leaves relatively insensitive. Heads pinkish lilac. Dry slopes. Serra dos Pireneus; rocky slopes, ca. 10km E. of Pirenopolis. Elev. 1000m.
Broad geographical location South America
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