Family Cucurbitaceae
Basionym Sechium mexicanum Lira & M. Nee
Original Identification n/a
Current Taxon Sechium mexicanum Lira & M. Nee
Protologue location in folder
Protologue Citation Brittonia 51: 204-209. 1999.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 369844
Primary Collector M. Nee
Collector Number 32886
Collection Date 24 Aug 1986
Country Mexico
Province/State Veracruz
Plant Location Notes Edo. Veracruz, Mun. Villa Aldama, 5 km (by road) N of Hwy. Mex. 140 at Cruz Blanca on road to Las Minas, 14 km. (by air) NE of town of Perote. 19°40'N, 96°10'W alt. 2300 m. Extremely steep slopes, top of canyon at edge of plateau, volcanic bedrock, with Quercus spp., Pinus patula, Alnus acuminata ssp. arguta, Arbutus xalapensis.
Plant Description Notes Abundant vines on roadside and climbing into trees and over cliffs. Vines on ground sterile, some climbing ones abundantly floriferous. Leaves highly variable, even on the same stem; flowering stems with leaves mostly only angulate, some sterile stems with deeply lobed leaves; apparently only one Cucurbitaceae here. Flowers odorless; buds of male flowers swollen, widely conical; male flowers much the more abundant, yellow-green with green lines on corolla lobes, the lobes 4 or 5 (rarely some irregularly 6), spreading; two sunken nectar pits per lobe and central white patch present; anthers a yellow-head. Female flowers smaller, but none seen in anthesis. Fruits 1-4 per inflorescene, seem to have no spines or bristles at any stage; largest fruits obovoid, 2x2.5 cm. wide, 3.3 cm. long, light green with raised greenish white spots and 5-9 narrow, shallow, darker green longitudinal grooves, with taste of green fruits of Cucumis sativus, but not excessively bitter.
Broad geographical location North America
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