Family Campanulaceae
Basionym Burmeistera bocatorensis Wilbur ined.
Original Identification Burmeistera bocatorensis Wilbur
Current Taxon Burmeistera bocatorensis Wilbur ined
Protologue location  
Protologue Citation ined.
Holotype/Isotype Holotype
DUKE Accession Number 290414
Primary Collector T. Antonio
Collector Number 1608B
Collection Date 8-10 Aug 1979
Country Panama
Province/State Bocas del Toro
Plant Location Notes Valle de Silencio; 9° 05' N, 82° 56' W. Forested plateau between mts receiving much rain, little wind; dominated by hugh oaks; lacking dominant understory; herbs mostly palm, bamboo and 2 bromeliad species.
Plant Description Notes Epiphytic on oak trees, undersides of leaves pale green; stems sometimes reddish; calyx green with red splotches; corolla reddish-green.
Broad geographical location Central America
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