Burseraceae_Bursera simaruba

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Family Burseraceae
Basionym Bursera simaruba var. yucatanensis Lundell
Original Identification Bursera simaruba (L.) Sarg. var. yucatanensis Lundell, var. nov.
Current Taxon Bursera simaruba var. yucatanensis Lundell
Protologue Citation Wrightia 3(1): 4. 1961.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 163464
Primary Collector Elias Contreras
Collector Number 1034
Collection Date 29 May 1960
Country Guatemala
Province/State Peten
Plant Location Notes Remate, in high forest bordering the lake, about 22 km. west of the village
Plant Description Notes "Chacah" Tree, 4 in. diam., 25 ft. high, fruit green.
DUKE Barcode  
Broad geographical location Central America
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