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Bromeliaceae_Vriesea greenbergii

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Family Bromeliaceae
Basionym Vriesea greenbergii Utley
Original Identification Vriesea greenbergii Utley
Current Taxon Vriesea greenbergii Utley
Protologue Citation Tulane Studies in Zoology and Botany 24(1): 30. 1983. 
Holotype/Isotype Holotype and 2 Isotypes
DUKE Accession Number 287253 287252
Primary Collector John and Kathy Utley
Collector Number 3741E
Collection Date 27 Jan 1976
Country Costa Rica
Province/State Alajuela
Plant Location Notes Between La Balsa de San Ramon and the Rio Cataratas or about 12 km north of La Balsa. Altitude 550 to 1100 M. 
Plant Description Notes Epiphyte; leaves in subspreading rosette, green suffused with maroon towards tips, this more obvious above; scape erect, bracts green weakly suffused with maroon apically; inflorescence erect, primary bracts green soon drying brown, spikes subascending floral bracts green to pale becoming brown; sepals green, young capsule castanious. 
DUKE Barcode  
Broad geographical location Central America
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