Asteraceae_Polymnia macvaughii

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Family Asteraceae
Basionym Polymnia macvaughii J. R. Wells
Original Identification Polymnia mcvaughii Wells
Current Taxon Polymnia macvaughii J. R. Wells
Protologue Citation Brittonia 19(4): 392-394, f. 1-7, t. 1. 1967.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 232750
Primary Collector Rogers McVaugh
Collector Number 23189
Collection Date 22-23 Mar 1965
Country Mexico
Province/State Jalisco
Plant Location Notes Sierra de Manantlan [30-35 km. southeast of Autlan]; precipitous seaward-facing slopes 1-4 km. below the summit called "La Cumbre," near the lumber-road between El Chante and Cuzalapa, and above the abandoned site of Durazno; lat. 19°32' N., long. 104°14'W.; deciduous forest with Podocarpus, Distylium, Ostrya, Quercus; elevation 1500-1900 m.
Plant Description Notes Abundant in ravines; plants largest at lower edge of pine forest above barranca. Arching herb 2-3 m. long; inflorescence axillary, oftern 1/3 as long as entire plant; flowers bright yellow.
DUKE Barcode  
Broad geographical location North America
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