Asteraceae_Eupatorium dolichobasis

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Family Asteraceae
Basionym Eupatorium dolichobasis McVaugh
Original Identification Eupatorium dolichobasis McVaugh
Current Taxon Eupatorium dolichobasis McVaugh
Protologue Citation Contributions from the University of Michigan Herbarium 9(4): 395, f. 14. 1972.
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 232751
Primary Collector Rogers McVaugh
Collector Number 23476
Collection Date 3-4 Apr 1965
Country Mexico
Province/State Jalisco
Plant Location Notes Headwaters of Rio Mascota [20-25 km., airline, southeast of Talpa de Allende]; narrow valley of steep mountain stream ascending to the west from a point 12-13 km. above (south of) El Rincon, on the road to Aserradero La Cumbre; humid forest of Podocarpus, with Abies, Tilia, Prunus, Meliosma, Quercus; elevation 1700-1900 m.
Plant Description Notes Very abundant, the common herbaceous plant in the barranca forest. Herb 1-1.5 m. high; flowers white.
DUKE Barcode  
Broad geographical location North America
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