Araceae_Philodendron squamipetiolatum

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Araceae_Philodendron squamipetiolatum2
Family Araceae
Basionym Philodendron squamipetiolatum Croat
Original Identification Philodendron squamipetiolatum Croat
Current Taxon Philodendron squamipetiolatum Croat
Protologue Citation Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 84(3): 531-532, f. 375, 385-388. 1997. 
Holotype/Isotype Isotype (2 sheets)
DUKE Accession Number 358928
Primary Collector Thomas B. Croat
Collector Number 68767
Collection Date 23 Jun 1988
Country Panama
Province/State Cocle
Plant Location Notes Alto Calvario above El Cope, ca. 6 km N of El Cope, along trail through forest W off old lumber trail which leads down to Las Ricas, Limon and San Juan 08° 39' N 80° 36' W 710-800 m
Plant Description Notes Appressed epiphyte; internodes 8-12 cm long, 1.0-1.2 cm diam., medium green to brownish scurfy-scaly, matte, terete; cataphylls pale green with erect-spreading paler green trichomes, unribbed, deciduous; petioles terete, dark green, pale scaly with pale green, somewhat flattened trichomes; blades moderately thin, dark green and semiglossy above, much paler and matte below; midrib sunken and much paler above, thicker than broad, matter and darker than surface below; primary lateral veins deeply and narrowly sunken, slightly darker and almost round-raised below; minor veins and cross-veins darker than surface and distinct below; inflorescence 1 per-axil; spathe dark green on tube, within throughout, (post-anthesis); female spadix 4 cm long, 1.8 cm diam.; sterile male segment eaten away, 1.8 cm long; fertile male segment ca. 6 cm long, 11 mm diam.
DUKE Barcode  
Broad geographical location Central America
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