Araceae_Anthrium schottiatum

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Family Araceae
Basionym Anthurium schottianum Croat & R. A. Baker
Original Identification Anthurium schottianum Croat & Baker
Current Taxon Anthurium schottianum Croat & R. A. Baker
Protologue Citation Brenesia 16(Supl. 1): 83-85. 1979. 
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 295547
Primary Collector Thomas B. Croat
Collector Number 43247
Collection Date 12 Aug 1977
Country Costa Rica
Province/State Limon
Plant Location Notes Ca 1 mi NE of Bribri, ca 40 mi SW of Limon; steep ravine above Rio Catarata; 50-100 m elev. 
Plant Description Notes Terrestrial among rocks near stream, deeply rooted; caudex to ca 4 cm diam; petiole subterete, somewhat narrower than thick; midrib sharply angled above, knifelike above middle, round-raised below; major lateral veins and secondary veins sharply raised above, the majors bluntly raised beneath, the secondary veins scarcely raised but clearly visible; basal lobes of blade overlapping, erect. 
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Broad geographical location Central America
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