Araceae_Anthrium purpureospathum
Araceae_Anthrium purpureospathum2

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Family Araceae
Basionym Anthurium purpureospathum Croat
Original Identification Anthurium purpureospathum Croat
Current Taxon Anthurium purpureospathum Croat
Protologue Citation Selbyana 5(3-4): 328-330, f. 14-16, 27. 1981 
Holotype/Isotype Isotype
DUKE Accession Number 295569
Primary Collector Thomas B. Croat
Collector Number 38094
Collection Date 3 Aug 1976
Country Panama
Province/State Bocas del Toro
Plant Location Notes Station Milla 7.5 on Changuinola-Almirante Railroad; less than 100 above sea level; along a slender ridge to World War II communications facility, ca 2 km NW of ruins of U. S. Army Military Barracks.
Plant Description Notes Epiphytic at 2-8 m; caudex usually short, petiole ± square, upper side broadly canaliculate, margins sharp, lower side square to broadly rounded; pulvinus like petiole; blade weakly glossy, midrib nearly flat, with a medial rib at base, becoming obtusely triangular by lower ¼ and acutely angled by distil ¼ of blade; major laterals raised secondary veins obscurely visible; lower surface slightly paler; midrib rounded with a faint medial rib; this diminishing by middle; majors raised; secondary veins visible; peduncle terete; inflorescence erect in flower, usually spreading in fruit; spathe green, tinged with purple, reflexed, pistils emerging green; fruits orange-red (Red 6/7.5 on Berlin & Munsell Color Chart), obovoid-ellipsoidal, acuminately beaked at apex, ca 1 cm long and 3.5 mm wide; seeds 1-2 (usually 1), pale greenish-yellow, ca 4 mm long and 2 mm wide; mesocarp pasty, clear, sweet.
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Broad geographical location Central America
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