DUKE Vascular Type Specimens - Digital Images & Protologues was made possible by:

Chai, N., T. Shao, R. L. Huiet, M. Kim, C. J. Rothfels, J. Golan, K. M. Pryer.  2012. DUKE Vascular Type Specimens - Digital Images & Protologues. <http://herbarium.duke.edu/collections/vasculars/typespecimens>

The study of biodiversity depends upon verification of research materials by comparison with designated type specimens and protologues.  A type specimen is a specimen that is tied to the naming of the species and serves as the permanent record of the plant that is being named. 

In collaboration with The Global Plants Initiative (GPI)* we provide online access to high-resolution digital images of the nearly 800 type specimens of vascular plants in the DUKE Herbarium. Also included are pages of associated published text and illustrations that include original descriptions (protologues) for all types.


 * with grateful appreciation to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for funding.

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